About the artist:

Hi!  I am Larissa Graudins, the artist behind Rissi Designs.  I have been a creative spirit since the beginning; however, it was not until later in life that I spent more time creating jewelry.  Many of my creations are inspired by my surroundings, travels, as well as the beads and stones the I incorporate into my work.  Nature in particular plays a role in many of my pieces.  My “River Rock Necklace” and “Stream of Pebbles Cuffs” are inspired by water caught in between various sized rocks. The soothing blues found in turquoise, lapis and many other stones also play a role in many of my pieces.

Most of my work is composed of sterling silver and semi-precious stones, using the techniques of metalsmithing and, on occasion, wire wrapping.

I am a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Business and currently reside in southwestern Pennsylvania with my husband and two sweet, but crazy cats.